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Crimes (Crimini)

S01 E06: Death of a Confidant (Monte di un confidente)

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Alternative Cop Pietro is tormented by his past, his confidant was killed because he had not been able to keep the coverage and his wife Gaia discovered the affair they had, tearing his family in two. Pietro has vowed to avoid more deaths on his conscience. But when the investigation of an international drug trafficking ring is discovered to be linked to a dangerous criminal organization from Eastern Europe Pietro finds he may not be able to keep his vow.

Genre: Drama

Parental Rating: TV-MA

Actors: Giannina Salvetti Margherita Cornali Bruno Crucitti Dorata Czerwinska Natalia Dyachenko Guglielmo Favilla Dejan Markoski Kristina Novikova Kai Portman Massimo Triggiani Lu John Yat Wing

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