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Crimes (Crimini)

S02 E02: Nothing Personal (Niente di personale)

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Angelo is a professional hitman hired by the mob to take out an alderman who doesn't want to cooperate with their plans to build a new shopping center. When Angelo realizes his boss isn't being honest with him, he decides to switch up his plan. Angelo comes up with a plan to take the organizations down, kidnaping the alderman's wife in the midst of it all.

Genre: Drama

Parental Rating: TV-MA

Actors: Rolando Revello Donatella Finocchiaro Salvatore Lazzaro Peppino Mazzotta Pier Luigi Misasi Claudio Castrogiovanni Gabriele Mainetti Fabio Galli Giorgio Caputo Antonio Tallura Pino Torcasio Sergio Fiorentini Elisa Della Valentina Salvo Valerio Alba Claudio Corinaldesi Alessandra Della Rocca Linda Gayle Dollins Claudio Garrubba Susanna Gecchele Daniele Guizzi Giuseppe Mandica Ylenia Mannoni Umberto Montorsi Maurizio Partino Fabrizio Romagnoli Vincenzo Scuruchi

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