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    The Lost World Cup

    The Lost World Cup follows the story of World Cup of 1942 which was never recognized by the officials of football. The winner of the 1942 World Cup has remained a mystery for decades, however there wasn't a World Cup that year due to many participants involvement in World War II. The Lost World Cup is a mokumentary, toying with the idea of reality versus fiction and is also loosely based on "The Son of Butch Cassidy".


    • 2013 Winner of the ,,Golden11" Audience Award at the International Football Film Festival Berlin
    • 2013 Nominated for the Silver Ribbon by the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists
    • 2012 Winner of the First and Second Feature Competition Award- Special Mention at the Bari International Film Festival
    • 2012 Winner of the Best Foreign Documentary at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival

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