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    The Ultimate Rider

    Over eight action-packed weeks, rookie motorcycle riders from across Australia will battle it out on and off the track in a series of skill sessions and points challenges. This competition is as much about talent as it is about mental composure, fitness, and a disciplined commitment to be the best rider.

    Champion Moto GP racer Daryl Beattie has searched the nation and hand-picked some of the best racers to start in the Series, which will see each compete across a variety of riding disciplines in the series known as "Dirt v Road" as he searches for a winner, worthy to be called The Ultimate Rider.

    There will be thrills and spills, victories and heartbreak as the riders compete in some of the fastest, dirtiest, motocross challenges. Only one can win the $20,000 cash prize and the title of Ultimate Rider.

    Airs on Saturdays at 5pm/5:30pm EST, Sundays at 10pm/10:30pm EST

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